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These days I do it mostly on mobile, unless of course I am doing development work. Then it’s either my laptop or desktop.
Dave Desktop for me for sure - I prefer a decent size screen with real estate so I can see everything...
Thought it would be good to have a thread so will can tell members about ourselves :)

I shall go first...

I am married with 4 grown up children (3 girls and 1 boy) no grandchildren yet. My kids are all close in age there is just 7 years between them all.

I have always struggled with my mental...
PGen98 Absolutely honoured to have you back here, [USER=462]@Dave[/USER] :)
Sunshine after the storm today. I've been doing self-care and have been to Ikea and have bought myself a Summer bed set for 59$CAD before tax! And I'm so happy with it! It's so beautiful and elegant! I'll post pictures after I put it on my bed because it's still too cold and rainy over here in...
J I have an Ikea chair and foot stool you can have. I never sit in it, it's a collector of stuff...
This is Hilarious. Reminds how so many continue to Tell Me I Need the Vax and I don't, I take care of my own Immune System.

J This is Hilarious. Reminds how so many continue to Tell Me I Need the Vax and I don't, I take...
Has anyone heard from her? I haven’t seen her around anywhere in over a week. And today her forum was taken down. :(
Naiwen I think it's because I don't normally have any sugar, so I've felt pretty dizzy that night.
I know it's been pretty slow in here for a while but this is getting ridiculous!

Maybe the admins should send out a monthly news letter featuring articles/posts and reminding members via email about the forum? What do you think?
MamaFrankie Thank you, everyone. Dreading his birthday in 3 weeks.
I wanted to post publically that you are very much appreciated and liked on this forum :hugs:
Elya [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 132371, member: 95"] I truly do hope she makes a full recovery...
Just had lots going on over the past few days, i havent forgot you all :hugs:
willowtigger Just had lots going on over the past few days, i havent forgot you all :hugs:
Its funny :ROFLMAO:

War made easy

World war 1 the simple view, as a pub fight:

Germany, Austria and Italy are stood together in the middle of the pub, when Serbia bumps into Austria, and spills Austria's pint. Austria demands Serbia buy it a complete new suit, because there are splashes on...
PGen98 Definitely a relatable breakdown of how the wars happened :D
I dont know if there is a jokes thread. If so I will post there. But I thought its nice to have some light hearted threads 😋.

How you you call the Eiffel tower when it falls down? The I fell tower.
Butterfly88 Q: How many Amish people does it take to change a lightbulb? A: What's a lightbulb?
is filled with amazing peoples :) :hugs:
WhippedCream I really like this forum, it's a very friendly place ☺️
*climbs into the freezer with the ice cream*
WhippedCream [QUOTE="lavalamp, post: 130791, member: 219"] Yeah I'd agree with that. [/QUOTE] It's to do...
It is a brilliant package.

Work from home plus car allowance.

Of course, I don't have my driving license at the minute (due to the schiz) but hopefully will get it back this year.

I can't really believe it lol.
WhippedCream Well done on the new job, is this something that you've wanted to do for a while?
I used to take them according to the mood. But some people are very specific about their choice. Some are more precise about their selection. They have a brand that is so dear to them. Then the proper amount of milk and sugar.

So tea shops are a mess. It is hard to call it tea. Ready to mix...
WhippedCream I'll have coffee very occasionally but I'd much rather have tea... or hot chocolate come to...
How many of you are comfortable about moving to another place ? For a new and better job or in search of one ?

I have always felt that if we live in a decently crowded and big city, our chances of nailing a good job will improve a lot. We will come to know about a lot of opportunities that...
WhippedCream Moving can be a particularly lonely thing to do, even if you do it with a partner. I think this...
I haven't had a heavy bite of chocolate in a long time. Found myself too much involved in packed sweets and tried to get free of them. But Snickers was the king when it was something big for me. I do not always buy the big one. For me, something of medium-range is nice. Too much of anything will...
WhippedCream I don't really mind what brand of chocolate really. I'm not a big eater of it I'd say. Anything...
madcap cant really see it but i bet it is nice
I just wanted to let my friend Lunacie know what a amazing friend she is and that she's a wonderful person :hugs:
willowtigger I just wanted to let my friend Lunacie know what a amazing friend she is and that she's a...
Finally, it's in the 20 degree Cells and up in Northern Canada. Yesterday, been wearing sandals and Summer cloths for my jab and a walk. Finally feels sunny and warm outside after 8-9 months of snowy, cold and harsh Canadian winter. So glad for Spring!
Ozzy47 It’s finally starting to get go decent sitting outside weather.
I wanted to post that burtie is a wonderful person and a amazing friend :hugs:
burtie Thank you :)
There's loads of hugs here for Gibby :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
D [ATTACH type="full"]1821[/ATTACH]
I cooked a vegan mock chicken, petit pois in a tomato sauce with chilli - to go with spaghetti.

I will have it shortly. :)
L Just had cheese manoushi, followed by a piece of baklava. Yum
Ozzy47 [ATTACH type="full"]1782[/ATTACH]
And wonderful

Felt everyone needs to hear it today :hugs:
Shyguy1 From what I have seen in my short time here I think that it is true that all people on this...
I wanted to say it publically and that i am glad i am his friend :hugs:
W Now you are making me blush :) And dont forget how awesomeness is you too!!
My computer keeps pinging at me and then eats stuff that i type

its getting annoying
PGen98 Completely agreed, I'd give it a good clean and see if that frees things up a bit :)
if i get amazons for anyone who wants to be my friend?

(sorry if this not allowed, it can go to thread jail if i not allowed to post this)
Naiwen [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 102823, member: 95"] if i get amazons for anyone who wants to be my...
Problems of a Domestic Cat

I love my humans
I wish they’d understand
Why I was naughty today!

They told me off for kneading
While they were stroking me
But I was merely imitating
What a kitten does to its mum!

I accidentally scratched them
I didn’t mean to you see!
They were playing...
willowtigger [B]Ex-Racing Greyhound [/B](temporary title) I want to be free Running in the fields Or on a...
what do staffs look for on forums when choosing new staffs?
Catsmother [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 104876, member: 95"] i remember something that member told me one of...
see message title :love:
Nilla Thank you! I'm having a good day thus far. The sun is out and it's warming up, too. :D I'm glad...
Naiwen [URL unfurl="true"]https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/h4tb6fz8n9itszv1[/URL]
Pinky Looks lovely [USER=17]@Naiwen[/USER] :)