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I have two female cats that are about a year and a half old. Have had them since they were 3 months old.

As I both work from home and have been on mental health leave since October... I've always been close to my cats. Incredibly so with these two. It might sound silly but you could even make a...
PGen98 [QUOTE="Lammchen, post: 136144, member: 343"] Are you able to do a video call with them? It...
PGen98 [QUOTE="Lammchen, post: 136142, member: 343"] Happy Weekend! [/QUOTE] Yay, weekend!!
I probably did this elsewhere and in the wrong place - I'm getting forgetful in my old age lol.

I'm fast approaching 70 years of age (this year), I'm a Scorpio, but my sting is blunt these days lol. I've lived a varied life, worked in a few different professions, worked for myself for the last...
Lammchen Welcome!
I have been diagnosed of BPD, a few years ago. The issue with me is that I’m chasing and obsessing and having a fixation on perfection every moment of my life. My thought process is in black and white. I’m seeing only flaws and imperfections in myself.
Naiwen I have been diagnosed of BPD, a few years ago. The issue with me is that I’m chasing and...
How do you deal with rain?

Do you use an umbrella or raincoat?

Or just ignore it?
willowtigger I just let rain do it;s thing it's snow I find triggering
Anxiety disorder does many things to an individual, which causes the individual restlessness, sleepless nights and undue body fatigue etc. I notice my own anxiety disorder when I am simply thinking and feeling restless due to incident I couldn't manage properly.
Their are numerous ways I...
Shortie Having anxiety and having an anxiety disorder are separate things. I suffer from anxiety most of...
Is going to the movies too expensive?

How much are you willing to pay to see a movie at the cinema?

Will you pay more to see a 3D, 4D, or IMAX movie?
Lammchen I don't rent any movies anymore. We used to when there were the rental stores back in the 90s...
When you go to the walking everyday in the morning. Have you felt the difference in your health. Also have you noticed the changes in your mood and the overall symptoms of your thinking. What are some of the changes that you have noticed in your mindset in general.

Does walking helped your...
Lammchen I haven't walked very much this winter, but now that the days are warming up, I'll be outside...
I had cancer 6 years ago and had frequent scopes where a camera went down my nose to my vocal cords. Sometimes they didn't have any numbing solution and I had to do it without, and it was brutal. I might have to go for a scope in a month or two and I'm absolutely dreading it.

Can anyone relate?
Lammchen [QUOTE="JustSomeGuy, post: 136056, member: 479"] The first time I had a gastroscopy I didn't get...
We live on acreage so I'm fortunate to be able to take walks often. Just need to walk out our door. My mind tends to wander. Sometimes I will take a walk purposely to go round & round in my head something I'm trying to figure out. Other times it's to vent. My dog is a good listener & she keeps...
svjiminfxv If it is daytime, I don't mind going around the corner by myself. When it comes to going long...