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This is a nice topic.

I'm 25 (b-day November 4th) and newly married. I was born and raised in Maine, but I now live with my husband in Arkansas. We don't have any children right now. We have five cats and a dog.. although I suppose you could call the animals children. They sure act like it!

I have had quite the life- I grew up in a toxic household and I didn't have my father growing up. I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 12 years old. Throughout my teens I was a social recluse. I got bullied a lot. I didn't have a lot of friends but I did cherish the ones who were.

My lifeblood was The Lion King and it still is. Ever since I was five, I became attached. Not only do I love the movie itself but it has helped me in more ways than one. It has been my safe space if you want to call it that. Despite being very depressed and anti-social offline, I was the opposite online. I have been on forums since I was 14, the first ones being Lion King boards. This is also how I met my husband. We were in our last years of high school when we met on a Lion King forum. We were best friends for years. Before we were dating, we were in toxic relationships. After coming out of them, we started dating in 2019 and got married in November 2020.

I enjoy gaming, reading and I love doing digital art. All three are how I deal with anxiety minus the pills I take as needed.

Anyway.. I think that is all I have to say. :p


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That's a fantastic way to meet your husband, it sounds like the two of you are perfect for one another! I'm glad you were able to find that safe space and find a way to let yourself come out of your shell a bit. I do much the same with forums, it's a good way to open up around people with shared interests!
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