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Suicidal feelings What NOT to say to somebody who is suicidal?

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When someone confides in you about their suicidal thoughts, it's crucial to respond with compassion and understanding. Avoiding these seven phrases can help create a supportive environment where they feel safe to open up and seek help:

1. "Just get over it" and "You're being selfish" dismiss their struggles and worsen their emotional state. Instead, validate their feelings, offer reassurance, and encourage them to seek professional assistance.

2. Avoid phrases like "Think about how it will affect others" or "It's just a phase," as they can minimize their pain and deter them from seeking help.

3. Refrain from saying "You have so much to live for," as it overlooks their suffering.

4. "I know how you feel" may unintentionally invalidate their unique experiences and emotions. Instead, express empathy and acknowledge that you're there to support them.

5. "You just need to be stronger" implies that their struggles are due to weakness, which can be hurtful and unhelpful. Instead, remind them that seeking help and support is a sign of strength.

By actively listening and showing empathy, you can play a crucial role in supporting someone through their darkest moments and guiding them towards the help they need to heal. Remember, your presence and support can make a significant difference in their journey towards recovery and hope.

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Always a good reminder... it's unfortunate that much of society has absolutely no clue or worse yet - don't even know when they're dealing with someone suicidal.