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Feedback and Support

If You Have a Suggestion In What You Would Like On the Forum Then Let Us Know Here.
Is it possible for it to use letters instead of numbers?

Reason is I'm number dyslexic and every time I verify it's me logging in and not anyone else (using the numbers i get emailed to me) its hard for me to get the numbers in the right order, they keep mixing themselfs up :(
Lee Closed as old support thread now. Will look in to more accessible 2FA methods in the future.
Let’s all try and reach out to family, online friends and real life friends and get them to join the forum. We have a great bunch of users here, and could use more.

Contact them via social media, other forums or any way you know to get ahold of people. Getting the site out on social media...
Jay™ I have added a link to this site on my site on the footer.:clap:
If Xenforo had nested replies with notifications like Facebook does. So that you could reply to a post and the comment would nest directly under the post without mucking up the rest of the thread. The Status feature/plugin on member profiles has them. 😃
D [QUOTE="Gibby, post: 131288, member: 246"] No idea what any of you are talking about? [/QUOTE]...
There may be times that I don’t seem very active on the site, but that is not because I am not interested or don’t care.

I work a full time job, 9 or so hours a day, and sometimes on the weekends. I also have an online business selling and maintaining right around 300 addons for the XenForo...
WhippedCream I feel like I see you online whenever I'm online so I wouldn't worry about it. Besides it's...
Helo, I wanted to say that this forum website is a very nice place to hang around. I like the software used. It is very user friendly.

It is also nice to see many themes around. The only thing I found a bit different is too much purple everywhere. That is ok. But it would be nice if there can...
Harry I am using XF default style. Light blue has some " Ash " colour elements, which takes my eyes...
Hello everyone.

I have sold the forum to @Ozzy47 I feel that I can't continue to run`the forum anymore, Ozzy says he won't be changing anything at the moment.

Once the transfer to him is complete then I will be stepping down from Admin but I will still be posting as a member :)

Harry I hope the owner has the ability to listen. To be able to listen to others is a very rare...
You can't imagine how excited I was when I found out that there are many themes which can be used on this website. I thought the landing page theme was the only one. Now I am using a Blue theme and it looks very nice. Thoroughly excited:thumb.
Harry You can't imagine how excited I was when I found out that there are many themes which can be...
Not sure if you are willing to do this or not, but I would like to make a request to allow members to have animated gif avatars. I made a real cool one this morning! 😄

It showed the animation working when I added my animated gif avatar earlier, but then when I saved it, it removed the...
Ozzy47 [USER=18]@safeinsanity[/USER] I’ve thought about this and unfortunately it’s something I just...
It looks so much nicer on the home page! 😀👍
Ozzy47 Yeah, before the worst thing to deal with was IE
View attachment 1665

TMH has added a forum that houses some arcade games for you to play right here on the forum should you like. The games are not suited for mobile devices without a keyboard and mouse. You can view the games here,

Our hope is to give...
Ozzy47 [QUOTE="Shyguy1, post: 124052, member: 341"] I played a couple so far. It is fun and distracting...
If anyone has any suggestions for the site, please don’t be afraid to ask. We may not be able to do everything suggested, but we would like to here from you.
Rohan Understood.
We have installed a blog addon for the members to use and enjoy. You can read up on how to use it in this guide posted by @PGen98

Please make use of it and enjoy. :thumb
PGen98 Looking great! Thank you, Gemma!
Ok, what's with all of the "Report" buttons all over our profiles? It's kind of annoying. On my status posts on people's replies is a report button where it should be a reply button. I want to reply to member's comments, not report them, which I accidentally just did to one of @mist 's...
safeinsanity [QUOTE="PGen98, post: 123601, member: 318"] Just please...don't jump the shark.. [/QUOTE]...
What about a "Blogs" addon or an "Articles" addon so that members could post blogs or articles here? I'm not really sure if there are many addons like this for Xenforo 2, but would be worth a try to look into it.

I did see on an forum post on their site that said Xenforo had some kind of...
D [QUOTE="safeinsanity, post: 123268, member: 18"] Thanks [USER=323]@Ozzy47[/USER] ! ... I love...
I can read it and I can type in the text box but submit button does nothing and I dont see any formatting controls like I do in threads they are there but they are very faint
PGen98 [QUOTE="gigglez, post: 122622, member: 253"] It cleared up on its own somehow. Maybe just a...
I have been browsing around the forums and I have noticed that some posts here contain articles that don't include sources. I think this is a very important requirement to have on any forum.

The topics that have stuck out to me are informational topics explaining mental health issues such as...
Ozzy47 I appreciate it, that’s what is the good thing about a caring community.
Great job on the forum updates @Ozzy47 ! I am really liking all of the new plugins you are adding to the board. I like the new Morning Latte theme too. Keep up the good work! 👍😀
PGen98 [QUOTE="Catsmother, post: 119736, member: 1"] Ozzy and the team are doing a great job, better...
We have two new styles. They still need some minor adjustments, but they are working good.

We are planing on making one of them our new default style for the site. so we need the members opinion which one it should be. So please choose one in the poll.
Gemma [QUOTE="Catsmother, post: 118451, member: 1"] Thanks for the moods [USER=328]@Gemma[/USER]...
We have added a moods addon here for users to set their moods. You can do this in your account settinge. There is about ~240 moods to choose from.

View attachment 907
kikipetie Good idea
What is the name called on play store so i can have an app of this website?
Catsmother Hi [USER=256]@CaringHolly[/USER] Good to see you again. Take a look at this thread as it...
Do new members get welcome messages when they join?

Is that something that can get put in?

Something like this:

"Hi (member's name goes here). We are glad you have joined us here. Before posting, please ensure you are familiar with our rules, found here: Forum Guidelines: Edited...
willowtigger its ok Welf :hugs
Is super nice! Did you make it @Catsmother ?
Catsmother Thank you [USER=18]@safeinsanity[/USER] I made it awhile ago :)
I know that we already have a smiley emoticon in the defaults but perhaps we can have a different one like this one:

View attachment 772

When I type the code for what we have now it shows up as this: :) TBH it's easier for me to type the code for this emoji rather than scrolling through the default list...
Nilla [QUOTE="Catsmother, post: 92419, member: 1"] I deleted the original smile smiley by mistake lol...
A new theme named “Xmas” is now available for you to select from your user profile or via the theme changer at the bottom of the site.

View attachment 330
Catsmother [QUOTE="Gibby, post: 70573, member: 246"] thanks , the snow and hollies one is lovely i will...
What the badges mean? Are they forum punishments like fractions? :eek:

one got hid in my notifications i just seen it idk if it something to worry about :(

maybe i in a troubles for bringing kendal mint cake *hides behind the settee*
Catsmother [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 63601, member: 95"] What the badges mean? Are they forum punishments...
smilies on here are refusing to load on computer tonight :(

i dont know the secret codes to make them work
willowtigger i'm using the candy theme and firefox
As I would like to get alerted on posts that I have done and posts that I am apart of.
S [QUOTE="Catsmother, post: 56047, member: 1"] How is the app? I have an Iphone so can't install...
How do I switch them off here? I think my PM box is sending out secret codes into other people's inboxes and i dont want it to do that
willowtigger ok thanks Catsmother, switching them back on if they definately not going to do anything without...
whats it mean when it says XYZ member is following you?

the notification bell thing i mean?
M [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 54630, member: 95"] ok sorry i dont use twitter so its not a...
A new theme named “Geo” is now available for you to select from your user profile or via the theme changer at the bottom of the site.

View attachment 298
Z Very nice themes! Thank you for putting them on for people!
A new theme named “Candy” is now available for you to select from your user profile or via the theme changer at the bottom of the site.

View attachment 280
Kyng I think it looks terrific :D !
I really like the profile comments plugin! 👍

Reminds me of the old MySpace. 😁
Lee [QUOTE="safeinsanity, post: 48542, member: 18"] I really like the profile comments plugin! 👍...
i just logged in and everythings gone all dark which is making it harder for me to navigate the site

what did i do wrong? i dont understand?

i know willowtigger is a bad member?
M [QUOTE="willowtigger, post: 48291, member: 95"] sorry [USER=172]@mist[/USER] :oops: [/QUOTE]...
Hello all members,,

I want to say in the last few days i have been here bc it has been a while, i am very proud of alot of members risking their words and saying what is on their mind and entrusting in us whether you take the feedback or not, you took a HUGE step and didn't hold back, you...
Catsmother Thank you [USER=8]@ZandraJoi[/USER]
Is it possible to add this forum to google so more people can find it? Even typing in the forum name doesnt make it come up?
Z The more a forum has content & puts their URL in different places (hence why affiliate exchanges...