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Anxiety and Depression - What's the Difference?

Anxiety and depression are commonly used diagnostic terms that often confuse people. In a nutshell, both are emotional disorders which are having correlation with each other but not the same. Anxiety is known to lead to depression whereas for depression, it could be worsening when increased anxiety is applied to a person who has depression.

When an individual is overwhelmed by anxiety, it may be a common sight if it is under control. However, when it gets out of control, it could bring lots of problems to emotional health and personal well-being.

Anxiety - is an emotional state characterized by persistent feelings of worry, nervousness and unease. It would cause the persons to be drawn into beliefs that something unpleasant would happen. This would lead to lots of anxious thoughts and uncontrollable physical sensations which could make them fret over things. They might react in such a way that they will avoid doing things that shouldn't be avoiding due to the doubts and indefinite future events which they aren't confident of themselves being able to overcome them.

Depression - on the other hand, is a negative emotional state as a result of constantly blaming and regretting the past action. It may arise in the individual's subconscious state and contains long-term symptoms. It's like a slow process of taking the patient into the dark corner deep inside them leading to pure sadness about the future as though nothing could help but to stay hopeless all the while. They would feel like there is nothing worth to prevent the bad future from happening.

This would lead to lack of interest and excitement in things they used to enjoy. Eventually they would experience physical changes as in losing appetite and weight as well as unusual sleep patterns. The individual tend to become very indecisive and lost that could lead up to death or suicide cases.

Both situations may also share the same symptoms which end up correlating to the development of each other and thus, being difficult to differentiate. There is also the possibility for both conditions to get worse due to inadequate treatment received.

An individual with anxiety or depression can rarely accept that they are having the emotional disorders. Instead are feeling natural in cases of severe anxiety cases, the individual should be more prone in realizing their problem. Some individuals might end up in denial, which could worsen the condition. In both conditions, the individual would feel very down and such situations would usually drain out a lot of energy and motivation from them.

Fret not as there are ample of ways to help these individuals to recover in long-term. No doubt, there will not be a smooth journey to recovery but family and friends support are essential in the progress. A healthy lifestyle would also be a huge contribution to an effective speedy recovery.

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My father suffered from depression for 10 years and my spouse suffered from anxiety for a long time. Depression is characterized by loneliness and perpetual sadness, whereas anxiety is characterized by anxiousness and change in moods.