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  1. Ozzy47

    Don't Ignore Social Anxiety As Mere Shyness

    Some people are extremely fearful of being judged scrutinized by others in social situations. At times, the fear can be so intense that it can wreak havoc on the lives of the sufferers. And the reason behind this could be social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia, which is a common problem...
  2. Ozzy47

    Where Did the Shy Girl Go? Overcoming Social Anxiety

    By Virginia Adams What purpose do synchronicities serve? Synchronicities are a clear sense that the universe is speaking to us. The more we step into our KNOWINGNESS the more we will notice synchronicities. We are in constant contact with the intelligence of the universe, we are co-creating...
  3. Ozzy47

    10 Things Only People With Social Anxiety Can Understand

    Apprehension, fear, avoidance and pain. Do you relate to these words far too often? If the answer is yes then you might be grappling with social anxiety disorder (SAD). If you fear talking to strangers, remain negative and expect the worst out of your social interactions, worry too much about...
  4. Ozzy47

    Anxiety and Depression - What's the Difference?

    Anxiety and depression are commonly used diagnostic terms that often confuse people. In a nutshell, both are emotional disorders which are having correlation with each other but not the same. Anxiety is known to lead to depression whereas for depression, it could be worsening when increased...
  5. Ozzy47

    What is social anxiety disorder or social phobia?

    Many people get nervous or self-conscious on occasion, like when giving a speech or interviewing for a new job. But social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, is more than just shyness or occasional nerves. Social anxiety disorder involves intense fear of certain social situations—especially...
  6. Ozzy47

    The Kingdom of Fear - All About Anxiety Disorders

    By Vikas Prabhav Roger is a 34-year-old software engineer, who recently started his first job. He has always been an anxious person and describes himself as being on edge all the time and his wife feels he unnecessarily worries all the time. Every morning he wakes up dreading going to work...
  7. Ozzy47

    What Does Society's Approach To Mental Health Problems Have In Common With Child Abuse?

    By Oliver JR Cooper For a long time, mental and emotional problems were typically overlooked, and this has changed in recent years. A lot of money is now being spent to help people who are suffering in this way. A Mixed Response Still, this is not to say that everyone is happy with what is...
  8. Ozzy47

    Anxiety Is Best Understood Through the Fight or Flight Response

    By Tony Galvin In my kinesiology practice I have treated hundreds of adults and children with anxiety. I now view all anxiety as a fight / flight response with a background cause, such as trauma, shock or long-term stress. Fundamentally the anxious person is experiencing a lack of safety...
  9. Ozzy47

    Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Easy Steps

    While panic and anxiety strikes have similar symptoms that there are gaps which you should know about. For example, an anxiety attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and stress that always does occur without the obvious rationale and without caution. The majority of times these strikes...
  10. Ozzy47

    Dealing With Anxomnia

    The primary points that nearly 40 percent Americans worry about is their health, career, and financial matters. In addition, over 43 percent feel that life is generally becoming anxiety-inducing with constant worries about the future. People worry about their ability to afford a home, closing a...
  11. Ozzy47

    Are They Real? Breaking Free From Scary Intrusive Thoughts That Drive Anxiety

    I have to guess as to what you really, exactly mean but I'm going to presume you mean something along the lines of 'do they mean anything? Or 'are they true'? Or 'Is this who I really am?' In that context, NO, the thoughts are not real. They are just thoughts that have no real meaning on any...
  12. Ozzy47

    Anxiety Disorders - What Is It?

    Everyone has fear, and is a necessary component of survival. When presented with danger in the environment, a person will have a physiological reaction where adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. Adrenaline is a fear-response hormone which causes several physical changes in the body...
  13. Ozzy47

    Panic Disorder - What Is It And What Are the Solutions?

    What is panic disorder? Men and women with panic attack disorder have unexpected and also repetitive strikes of anxiety that last for a number of mins. Occasionally signs may continue longer.These are termed panic attacks. Panic attacks are identified by a worry of disaster or of completely...
  14. Ozzy47

    Anxiety Attack Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It

    Causes of Anxiety Attacks Most anxiety attacks originate from past traumatic experiences. This could either be through a near death experience or past history of abuse. When one goes through a life-threatening event, the body goes in to a fight or flight mode. This means you either face the...
  15. A


    I'm really not sleeping well because of my anxiety which is effecting my eating habits over 13 stone now I hate it but nothing is motivating me I've been poorly with water infections and now I have another one I'm sure of it I have a scan this week which I'm very nervous about to see what's going on
  16. C


    Hi guy hope your well I’m really struggling today with my anxiety I feel so fed up every day is a battle I try everything and nothing appears to work we’re so u get more help and support
  17. Bumblebee202


    I have spoken to many mental health nurses and doctors and I have never been diagnosed with anything even tho my head is like a marathon everyday and I overthink everything and I’m on medication the mental health services are useless here 😔
  18. C

    Long term anxiety

    Hi all I hope your well I think I’m just looking for a bit of reassurance really I have suffered crippling anxiety for the past eight months which has left me bedbound and housebound the physical symptoms are with me 24/7 the only relief I get is wen I sleep which I struggle to do I feel like...
  19. Butterfly88

    Stupid Anxiety!

    I was super anxious. I took my meds and went to bed on time only to get two hours of sleep before waking again. My heart is racing really fast and I can't get all the worries out of my head. Ugh, anxiety is the worst!
  20. Bumblebee202


    When I’m anxious I need a lot of reassurance which leads to people getting mad. I’ve had so many people leave when I neeeded them most and use me like a car mat hate my life and who I am I’m just a werido x