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Autism and Asperger's

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well ?

I have Mild autism and I feel sad that
I was diagnosis Late in life I found out I had autism at age 19

I found out I had Autism after I finished at high school after struggling at Polytechnic when a staff member reported something wasn't right...
MamaFrankie Diagnosed at over 50.
Do you think that someone who has Tourettes Syndrome also has autism?
Lammchen Do you think that someone who has Tourettes Syndrome also has autism?
Are the IEPs (Individual Education Plans) any good in your local school system?

I thought that the school system where I was a substitute teacher had a great plan going but heard from parents who were upset by it all. They felt that the school should be doing something more for their children...
Nomad My wife is a teacher, she says Individual Education Plans are good for the overall development...
I suspect I have this, but I have never had the courage to ask a doctor about it.

I just feel like it is a strong possibility. I like repetition and repetitive habits, really dislike change, I have some really bad social difficulties and I am very sensitive. I find I can fixate on something and...
DudeThatsErin My husband has high functioning autism and he struggles right now because he is so burnt out so...
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Sincerem Suffering from Autism isn't a due sentence, when one suffers from this kind of illness, he or...
This is another interesting article for a parent whose child has Autism, even if you have it yourself it is worth a read.

DudeThatsErin That was a very good article. My husband has autism so I help him with it daily.

Here is some Autism Facts for you

  • In 2021, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 44 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2018 data.
    • 1 in 27 boys identified with autism
    • 1 in 116 girls identified with autism
  • Boys...
tdbnz Hey Here is some Autism Facts for you [LIST] [*]In 2021, the CDC reported that approximately...
All my life I've always struggled to fit in, always felt different, like everything that is so simple to everyone else was always a massive struggle for me, which seemed so unfair. When I was 20 in 2008, someone mentioned Asperger's Syndrome to me because of how I had responded to a situation. I...
S Thank you! Me too :-)
I'm having lunch at a group home tomorrow. I'm most likely moving there so they invited me to check it out. I'm nervous!
Butterfly88 It actually went really well!
I read in the news that Musk has disclosed that he is autistic. Considering how people admire him and the size and influence of his empire, Autism is certainly not something that will bury us in a pit forever.

I do not know whether anyone else so famous has been open about their condition. But...
Harry [QUOTE="Butterfly88, post: 129651, member: 19"] because much of the autistic population is...
I don't do this as much nowadays as I have become more comfortable with myself but back in my younger days, and especially when I started working, I always hid my autism and such traits. In effect, putting on a type of mask and presenting myself as a 'normal' person during the day and reverting...
Harry Not only people with special conditions, almost no one will play their cards unless it is time...
I applied for extra autism disability services through my state so I can get supported housing and some other support services. They decided they wanted to prove I was disabled prior to age 18 so they actually contacted the district where I went to school for records. However I'm 27 now so I'm...
Butterfly88 [QUOTE="Ozzy47, post: 123006, member: 323"] In my state, I think student records are purged...
When developing a behavioral intervention plan for an eight year old child with ASD for use in the classroom, we first need to determine what triggers both his problem and appropriate alternative behaviors. Once these have been identified, a plan can be developed and mapped out.

To begin, we...
Ozzy47 When developing a behavioral intervention plan for an eight year old child with ASD for use in...
Anyone else here have Asperger's? Or am I one of the only ones?
Butterfly88 [USER=274]@MamaFrankie[/USER] Good! I am eccentric too.
Thank You!
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Naiwen [quote="Catsmother"] My daughter is the same @"Naiwen" she also has selctive mutism. how do you...
What is autism?What are the different types of autism?How is autism treated?How does autism affect kids?
Children with autism may not reach the same developmental milestones as their peers, or they may demonstrate loss of social or language skills previously developed...
Z People underestimate how much our diet can help symptoms. Cutting out colors & numbers & eating...