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I applied for extra autism disability services through my state so I can get supported housing and some other support services. They decided they wanted to prove I was disabled prior to age 18 so they actually contacted the district where I went to school for records. However I'm 27 now so I'm not so sure they have records from 10 years ago. Don't they have this information from my previous applications anyway? Luckily my mom has an IEP of mine from 10th grade so that should be helpful. Also I have to do a bunch of paperwork saying the things I can and cannot do and provide the reasons why I cannot do certain things. Paperwork like that always makes me feel like I'm incompetent even though I'm not. I'm just so sick of this bureaucracy. Hopefully I can get the services and will not have to appeal. Lately I feel like I'm constantly fighting with the system. I'm just annoyed and venting is all.
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