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Physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is not just a mental thing.
I suffer from bad anxiety and it comes with so many physical symptoms. The ones that I have a lot of are shooting pains in my head, clenching my teeth, chest pain, hot sweats AND cold sweats, strange head zaps, wobbly legs, shaking, trouble breathing.......the list goes on and on.
But it has helped me to see all of these symptoms listed in a book about anxiety. It's not as scary when you realise you are not going through all of this on your own. All of the above mentioned symptoms are common results of anxiety. It doesn't make the anxiety go away but it has made it more bearable to live with. I hope this helps someone else.
Good discussion! I tend to get headaches 'cos I clench my teeth as well. I really have to stop myself from doing that.
I get sick to my stomach which makes me feel very nauseous, and I get this nervous pang in my abdomen. If it is really bad I start rocking myself back and fourth while clenching my hands together. :/