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How do you handle bullies?

I've learned to take that step back & think what it's like on their end. Bullies bully to make themselves feel better. The problem is with them, not with us. Even though that knowledge doesn't help their victims' pains. It's good you can forgive. That's for YOUR health. Scars will always remain. I've learned to also just Smile. Nothing throws a person off more than when they are berating you & you are smiling back at them.
I've always been a loner & haven't been bullied too much in my life. Ridiculed, teased, but I think there's a line there. The ones who teased me teased others too. Bullies tend to find that weakest link & grab onto it like the proverbial dog to a bone & won't let go.
I have been bullied when I was at school and also when I was at college. I have also been bullied online. Being bullied surely was devastating, whether online or offline, but I managed to overcome the situation slowly. The most important thing to save yourself from being bullied is never to be in the same situation and among the same people.

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