1. Butterfly88

    Autism Having lunch at a group home tomorrow

    I'm having lunch at a group home tomorrow. I'm most likely moving there so they invited me to check it out. I'm nervous!
  2. S

    Personal Story Why I'm a Compulsive Liar: My Experience with Masking Depression

    Hi everyone, :) I recently wrote about my experience with masking and filtering depression. It's not particularly inspirational or informative, but it's a part of my story that I wanted to talk about. Particularly because everywhere you look for mental health support, it encourages you to be...
  3. Butterfly88

    Autism Autism Disability Services

    I applied for extra autism disability services through my state so I can get supported housing and some other support services. They decided they wanted to prove I was disabled prior to age 18 so they actually contacted the district where I went to school for records. However I'm 27 now so I'm...
  4. loneliness

    Autism High-functioning autism

    I suspect I have this, but I have never had the courage to ask a doctor about it. I just feel like it is a strong possibility. I like repetition and repetitive habits, really dislike change, I have some really bad social difficulties and I am very sensitive. I find I can fixate on something and...
  5. Butterfly88

    Aspergers Anyone else here have Asperger's?

    Anyone else here have Asperger's? Or am I one of the only ones?
  6. Catsmother

    Autism Helping Your Child With Autism

    This is another interesting article for a parent whose child has Autism, even if you have it yourself it is worth a read.
  7. Naiwen

    Autism Autism and Relationships?

    [No message]
  8. Catsmother

    Autism What Is Autism?

    What is autism?What are the different types of autism?How is autism treated?How does autism affect kids? Children with autism may not reach the same developmental milestones as their peers, or they may demonstrate loss of social or language skills previously developed. For instance, a 2 year...
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