What Should You Know About Hearing Voices?


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Often people are amazed to know that some people hear voices in their heads as it is very uncommon. Hearing imaginary voices in your head can be very distressing as it would also affect the people around them. Those who wish to know more about hearing voices can refer to the resources following a psychiatric approach or find information through several other latest approaches. This would help people to manage those voices which can be bothersome. Generally, these voices in the head are referred to as auditory hallucinations which are not possible to ignore, suppress or deny. Earlier, many people believed that only those who suffered from schizophrenia only heard such voices. They also opined that such voices did not have any sense, was not understandable and hence they believed that nothing could be done about it, if their condition cannot be addressed by medications. In addition, there was a strong misconception that talking about the issue of hearing would make this condition much more worse. The main idea behind this traditional approach was to keep the voice hearers separate from the rest of the society.

Why is it important to have control?
For those of you who face the issue of hearing voices would agree that you should have good control over what you hear every time. Also, often such voices do make some sense as it would have some reflection upon the issues you face in your life. These days many people are aware of this condition and latest approaches help to cope up with the voices to help you have better control over it and to understand the voice while exerting control to prevent the voices from being disruptive in nature.

Who can hear voices?
Apart from people with schizophrenia, hearing voices is a common issue among people who are under some form of duress such as drug use, lack of sleep and sensory deprivation. It is actually an auditory hallucination that can be neutral, critical or complementary. These voices would often order an individual to perform some action or invite you for a conversation.

What should you do?
There are several ways to distract the voices and stay peaceful. Some methods are given below.

  • Listen to other voice hearers: You can join a self help group and listen to what the other voice hearers share and learn more from them.
  • Release the anxiety: When speaking with other voice hearers, you will be able to know that many are facing your situation. Plus, you will find about the tricks and tips for distracting the voices to enjoy a rewarding life. This way, your shame and anxiety levels remain low and would help you live a complete life.
  • Seek explanation: Understanding the origin of these voices such as the factors triggering it and the reasons behind would help in the development of a coping strategy.

These ways would help you to accept that the voices belong to you and would help you have good control over it.

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