1. Ozzy47

    What Should You Know About Hearing Voices?

    Often people are amazed to know that some people hear voices in their heads as it is very uncommon. Hearing imaginary voices in your head can be very distressing as it would also affect the people around them. Those who wish to know more about hearing voices can refer to the resources following...
  2. Ozzy47

    Dealing With Anxomnia

    The primary points that nearly 40 percent Americans worry about is their health, career, and financial matters. In addition, over 43 percent feel that life is generally becoming anxiety-inducing with constant worries about the future. People worry about their ability to afford a home, closing a...
  3. Butterfly88

    Therapist Liability Nonsense

    I asked my therapist if I can see her twice a week because I feel I need the extra support. However, she said she can't do that because the counseling center's liability insurance says people who need to be seen more than once a week are a liability problem and need a higher level of care. I...
  4. K


    Hi all After a week in crisis house and a week with the crisis I’m still feel awfully low and emotional and alone and still in that dark place I’ve had a medication added but still waiting for it to kick in I’m really struggling to get though the day
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