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Hi all I suffer with anxiety, I think I maybe taking on too much, I have 3 children, im doing my english gcse, and a level 2 course in caring for young children and also woking, only 4 hours at the moment, i have to make a big descion about my old relationship. It ended over cheating in the lockdown, im very gutted i didnt try hard enough to make my relationship work, i gave up i found it all too much at the time, due to have some problems with my youngest child, so i quit my job and my fitness, i wasnt in a good place, i am now faced with whether to take him back or not he could chnage and he says he wants to go too relationship counciling together i dont know what to do for the best, any advice would be really appreciated right now as i dont have a lot of support of anyone thankyou


Just replied to your other post in Anxiety 'bout the cheating. :) I do agree, I think you are taking on too much. For now, don't focus on your ex. Focus on YOU & your children. You come first. Sounds like you have enough on your plate so you do not need to worry about someone who frankly, didn't seem to worry about you! Hugs to you!!
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