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For a while now i have been having the urge to hurt someone or myself !!. I could just be chatting with a friend and this thought in my head comes in to punch them for no reason or a person walking by for no reason i just want to punch them !! I quickly take my mind away from it.. Yesterday i was walking by a road and thought what if i jumped in front of that car ! I'm getting these thoughts more and more. I don't think i would ever act on these thoughts but scared i will one day. Have any of you had these thoughts and how do you stop these thoughts ? Is this a condition ? I did get sectioned a few times last year but never told them about these thoughts i was having which now i wished i did


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Do you have a Psychiatrist or therapist? if so do you think you will able to tell them? I think it is important to discuss this with either of them.


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Ok, first these are just suggestion, some of what you are feeling i have gone thru but not towards anyone, sometimes i feel we are stressed out and and an easy way out. One thing i may say, it might be best to try getting a therapist , this way, when you talk to them , you have some sense of what is going on within yourself and like Catsmother said, a psychiatrist, one thing though, the therapist first, the thoughts are what are need to be dealt with, second, it is good to reach out the way you did. Once you have done that, then the pieces to the puzzle will start. I only know from my experience i had to have both in my life, they can diagnose and see what you need to do, I am not telling you what to do, just advice, right now with Coronavirus going on, you are not alone, This is global


Welcome to the forum @markwoods39 ! We all have those feelings. Seriously, we all do! But the most important thing to focus on is that you recognize your thought patterns & are asking for help. We'll do all we can but I echo what others have said, a therapist will be very beneficial. Also try to enlist family members, local friends. The more people we reach out to, the less these thoughts will have a hold on us.
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