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  1. Ozzy47

    How Do You Know When You're Done With Therapy?

    By Michael DeMarco As a therapist in private practice, I'm asked constantly how long therapy is going to take, and how often a client will have to come to sessions. People still see a trope about therapy on tv showing stereotypical psychoanalysis where people are expected to come several times...
  2. Ozzy47

    5 Signs That Reveal a Psychological Problem in a Older People

    That is why people in the environment of the elderly must be alert to any symptoms that may betray a psychological problem of this type. Some of the signs that may indicate that the oldest is going through a bad situation and needs the help of a psychologist are: Lack of hygiene: when a person...
  3. Ozzy47

    4 Useful Ways to Benefit From Therapy

    Many people can benefit from talking and getting things out in the open. If life experiences are starting to have a negative impact, a therapy session can make it easier to look at life and your problems in a different way. Let's take a look of four reasons why therapy can improve your life...
  4. Ozzy47

    PTSD - How to Recognize It and Options for Treatment

    Do You Have PTSD? If you witnessed or experienced an intense traumatic experience such as an assault, natural disaster, combat, or a car accident, you may be at risk of developing PTSD. It is important to recognize early and address PTSD symptoms, so you can come to terms with a traumatic...
  5. Naiwen

    Ergo therapy, has anyone tried it before in Life?

    I’m watching tutorials on YouTube on how to do ergo therapy. Ergo in Greek, means “less” or “minimal”. It’s thence to use the least energy to do the most things every moment in your life.
  6. Naiwen

    Hypnosis Therapy, anyone has tried it yet in Life?

    Has anyone tried hypnosis therapy yet in life? I have and my T is always making me fall asleep during sessions and doing therapy during my sleep myself. I love it so far personally.
  7. Naiwen

    Aroma Therapy, anyone does it personally?

    I myself love my lavender-eucalyptus room and pillow spray 24/7 that lasts for about 7-8 days for 1 spray. It smells so good and soothes my cold symptoms, migraines and dizziness as well as my PMsing, mood swings and bad cramps on my period week. I love it.
  8. Naiwen

    Music Therapy, anyone does it personally?

    Music therapy 24/7 works for me personally. Currently listening to “Tick Tock” on Deezer premium.
  9. Naiwen

    How to relieve Stress and Anxiety 101 : my Tips!

    I myself find doing aromatherapy, music therapy, creative writing therapy, art therapy and my daily self-care and mindfulness routine helpful with stress and anxiety.
  10. Naiwen

    Light Box Therapy, anyone does it?

    I have bought a light box therapy lamp for my SAD with my disability insurance and it’s been working wonders with me. Do you have one yourself personally?
  11. Catsmother

    Autism Help Kids With Autism - Please Click.

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