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  • While Talk Mental Health offers a platform for peer support and shared experiences, it is not a substitute for professional mental health assistance. If you find yourself in genuine danger or experiencing a mental health crisis, please reach out to qualified professionals. In the UK, you can contact emergency services by dialing 999. For non-emergency support, consider reaching out to organizations like Samaritans at 116 123. In the USA, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). For support in Australia, contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue at 1300 22 4636. Your well-being is our priority, and seeking professional help is a crucial step towards your mental health journey.

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I probably did this elsewhere and in the wrong place - I'm getting forgetful in my old age lol.

I'm fast approaching 70 years of age (this year), I'm a Scorpio, but my sting is blunt these days lol. I've lived a varied life, worked in a few different professions, worked for myself for the last...
PGen98 To summarize -- You're Dave and you're amazing ;) Always love reading your posts, Dave, you're...
Hey everyone,

I'm happy to have found my way here.

I'm nearly 40, I don't have kids but I have been with my wife for neariy 12 years.

Mental health issues are not new for me and I've had them for what turns out is probably most of my life.

Last year I had some massive situational stressors...
lavalamp [USER=479]@JustSomeGuy[/USER] Welcome to the forum! :welcome6
Greetings! In my search for active online communities in an era where most of the net inhabitants are contained within the greater social media metropolitan areas, I have arrived here at Talk Mental Health. A desire of mine for some time. A mental health community for those who cannot afford to...
lavalamp Welcome to the forum [USER=453]@Leaf[/USER] Picking up on one point from your post, I'm sure...
Hey there! I am Shortie. I am a mother to 4, an avid gamer, forum owner. I also love to post on forums, meet new people, and share my knowledge and opinions with others on forums. I also like to dabble in video game content creation from time to time as well when I have the time. Looking forward...
lavalamp Welcome to the forum! [USER=452]@Shortie[/USER] :welcome6
I am Nathan aka Internetking and I have some disabilities. I also run a sports forums expectally the Dallas Cowboys Universe @ www.dallascowboysuniverse.com.

but anyway, I am still learning one of my latest disabilities I discovered in 2015 is Audism Spectrum (used to be known as...
Cazcat [QUOTE="internetking, post: 135457, member: 362"] [SIZE=4]I am Nathan aka Internetking and I...
Hello, I am Progrumz. I am very interested in mental health issues and decided to join here!

I hope to get to know all of you very well.
lavalamp :welcome6 Welcome to the forum [USER=449]@Progrumz[/USER]
Hello, all.

My name is Henry. I have had some interests on mental health and how important that is to discuss about it. So, I am very happy to be here.
Butterfly88 Welcome!

I'm Aaron. I'm 30 and I live in New Zealand.

Nice to meet you all.

I have PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Dissociative identity disorder. Hope I can talk with people about my experiences and learn their experiences and how they manage their symptoms.
Butterfly88 Welcome!
:welcome2 @Domestic Goddess

Hope you like it here :)
Domestic Goddess [QUOTE="ZandraJoi, post: 44132"] Welcome! How did you come up with your username? [/QUOTE]...
Hi there,

Just dropping in to say hello to all the Talk Mental Health members! I look forward to interacting with everyone!

Nebulous [QUOTE="Butterfly88, post: 135239, member: 19"] Welcome! [/QUOTE] Thanks
Hi I'm new here. Haven't used forums for years hoping to find people who have a sense of humour in the face of crippling mental illness.

Have a great Sunday!
Butterfly88 Welcome! I hope being here will be beneficial to you.

Just passing by around the forums to get to know the folks at talkMH. I have my set of experiences that I wish to share as well.

Looking forward to learn from you guys.
Foxy [IMG]https://img.nickpic.host/AkzM0M.jpg[/IMG]
Hey guys! I'm Heatman. It's an honor to be amongst you all here in TMH. I'm looking at getting to learn a lot from taking in discussion.
lavalamp Welcome to the forum!
How's it goin'?

I've joined because I am trying to understand myself better. A lot of stuff that describes autistic and ADHD struggles matches some of the experiences I've had that people minimized. I am also a ball of anxiety. So you might see me around. I don't care so much about the labels...
ZandraJoi [USER=410]@Rozz[/USER] Welcome! Lurking is just fine! You'll find in time there will be...
Hello everyone I'm Ravenfreak a 31 year old guy who loves games, music, cartoons, forums, and anime. Chances are you've probably seen me around on other forums before. It's nice to see some familiar faces here!
ZandraJoi Nice to see you here [USER=407]@Ravenfreak[/USER] :)
I'm Jason and my hobbies are drumming, web development, guitar, mountain hiking, jogging and other things. Who is into this stuff? I hope to learn much on here. Who has been to Northeast Tennessee or somewhere near it?
ZandraJoi Nice to see you here [USER=392]@Jasony[/USER] :)
I’m Fait and have joined, I am glad to be a member on this site! :)
ZandraJoi Welcome [USER=403]@Fait[/USER] :)
Hi I’m Sarah I’m new here I am from London uk
ZandraJoi Hello & Welcome here :)
I am 28 years old. I am married with 2 cat fur babies: Nikki and Morgan. I am a programmer. I love to play soccer and basketball.
DudeThatsErin Thanks!
Hello everyone,

My name is Devin, my birthday is on February 10 and I will be turning 21 years old! I work for a loan company in the Retention Department. Outside of work, I enjoy bowling, spending time with friends and family, playing video games, and participating in online discussion...
Foxy [IMG]https://img.nickpic.host/uqQg7N.jpg[/IMG]
Majority of Admins know me for being around varieties of forums. I enjoy sharing ideas with people worldwide, especially ideas that transforms lives, and so on..
I hope I am welcomed here fellow users?
Sincerem [QUOTE="Dude111, post: 133500, member: 389"] Im in the USA :) Did you know the king? -- my...

This is Nova. I have struggled with the depression, social anxiety and the acrophobia and so I thought I should join in here to share my experience.
Looking forward to learn from others on how they handled their issues.

lavalamp Welcome to the forum! :welcome6
Hi there,
I am a blogger, website designer, content creator, and digital marketer. I do not have any major mental health issues except that I have issues with anger management. When I was in my teens, I was taken to a psychiatrist once. The psychiatrist concluded that I needed behavioral...
Nomad Thank you guys for your warm welcome.
Howdy Everyone

My name is Thomas I am from New Zealand

What a great forum you have here :) I going to enjoy this

Look forward to seeing you all around :)

D Welcome!!!!!!
Hi everyone I am Shole, 28 yo basketball coach and now Digital Marketing Team member. I do enjoy talking about mental health a lot, and think it's very underappreciated in sports and in generally more underdeveloped countries. Which is why I love to partake in conversations about it.
Shole [QUOTE="Foxy, post: 132524, member: 27"] [IMG]https://img.nickpic.host/gWpJH6.jpg[/IMG] [/QUOTE]...
This has gotta be one of the NICEST Xen2 sites I have found.....

How long has this place been up??
PGen98 Welcome, [USER=389]@Dude111[/USER], you've certainly found a great community to be a part of :)
I wasn't sure if I had joined this forum at one time, because I had joined a few forums over the past year or so that covered the same topics. Decided to finally join. Hope to learn and grow from being here.
Elya [QUOTE="Joshua Farrell, post: 132536, member: 387"] I wasn't sure if I had joined this forum at...
I am elya and i am a mess
Elya [QUOTE="Jay, post: 132301, member: 313"] Well i should have came to this thread first LOL. Nice...
I've lurked on TMH a couple of times, but finally decided to sign up.. 🙂

I have an ongoing battle with depression, though I'm currently not on medication.. probably against my doctor's advice, but I genuinely don't like how I feel on them. I was first diagnosed in 2017.

Look forward to...
Butterfly88 Welcome!
Hi all,

I'm Jason Jay for short,A little about me I'm 51 years old, I like build and host websites, I like visiting other sites and making a few friends along the way. I'm a Territory manager for an oil and gas company and currently look after operation in five locations, we are very busy in...
Butterfly88 Welcome Jay!
I don't where to start, but I found this forum in a post at FP a few days ago.

I'm NerdiestKen and I enjoy a lot of things, but I suffer from mental health. If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask.
Lee Welcome 😀

I am Harry. I like talking to people, find new friends, be there when our friends need them.

My personal experience is pleasant so far. I never had any problems myself. But I have known people who need them.
Spice Welcome and enjoy the board Harry.
I am the owner of a popular online community, and during the Lockdown in the UK, I have been struggling with Anxiety and Depression, so I thought I'd join and use my spare time to meet some like-minded people. I'm Alex. Nice meeting you all!
Spice Welcome and enjoy the board.
Hey there everyone - hope you are all well!

Found this forum on another site and thought I'd pop by. I've got a diagnosis of Autism/ADHD/Anxiety myself and I work in the special education sector as helping people who were in the same place as me is what I'm really passionate about. In my spare...
gigglez Welcome!
hi, just struggling a bit today and needed some help. So started checking out mental health forums online.
Due to GAD and depression, i cannot do work full time. I help out my sister and parents on occasion. However for the past few weeks rather months, i have been feeling so useless. kind...
gigglez Welcome!