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need to check

For me you are in the right place to recieve understanding and a comforting reaction here. I know how its like to get in such a spiral that you are convinced of something that if you are ok would bever even come to mind.

I myself would not mind if you ask this every day. If it helps you to read the replies then please do.
I am not going to get angry with you. I have had a few moments where I got so anxious that I asked you if we were ok. In my mind I was convinced you hated me. But I asked.

You can ask as well. And we will answer you. And tell you we care about you.
the hug thing on posts i keep thinking it's having a very satisfying poo :ROFLMAO:

I didn't actually pay attention, but you're absolutely right, it does! :LOL:

scum bags like me get destroyed

Not at all! You're not a scum bag and you deserve the same love, respect and affection as everyone else. Never let yourself be convinced that you deserve anything less, you're a good person with a good heart!

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