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Lets tell some jokes.

An old couple was sitting in church when the old lady leaned over and whispered to her husband that she's just let out a silent fart. "What should I do?"

Her husband replied, change the battery in your hearing aid.
A class of small children was asked to name as many beans as they could. One child called out "runner beans", the next child called out "baked beans", then it got to the youngest child in the class. "Human beans" calls out the youngest child :LOL:
So a dinosaur goes for a walk and he comes across a magic lamp. He picks it up and rubs it and a genie appears. "I will give you three wishes" says the genie

Dinosaur thinks then says "I want a shower of meat" genie makes it happen

Dinosaur then says "I want a second shower of meat bigger than the first" so the genie makes it rain meat even heavier

Dinosaur then sees the meat version of pound signs and shouts out "I want a MEATIER shower" so the genie, misunderstanding him, then makes it rain METEORS (spelling)
Read one at a time... 😏

Why don't you see elephants hiding in a tree? They're very good at it.

Why do elephants paint their balls red? So they can hide in cherry tress.

What's the loudest thing in the jungle? Giraffes eating cherries.