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Question Is high-functioning depression a thing?

I've been thinking and having a read over some things across the web and I came across "high functioning depression". Just as with high-functioning Autism I suppose, it's the way in which someone can lead that 'normal' life. Getting dressed, holding down a job, socialise etc. and just all-round be 'normal' yet still they are actually depressed when they take off that 'normal' mask. It's something I can resonate with and to some degree, something I went through a few months ago when my life was what it is now but I found myself getting more and more emotional/tired than usual and neglecting the basics in life.

Do you think high-functioning depression is a thing, or is it just simply depression in another form? Have you ever found yourself coming under this banner?
I think it's a thing, yes, but it's that same mask and it eventually catches up to those people. There's no magic on/off button to depression, so there's no surefire way to get over it, that means it becomes a case of finding a way to cope and still live your life as you should, but their mask might be a little more 'high energy' than your mask, and so on.

So yes, it's a thing, but I think it's a thing that'll be very damaging in the long run, particularly when the cracks start to show through.
I wouldnt say that it exists using that title. There isnt a spectrum to it as such like ASD, yet I think there are deeper levels. You would sink deeper into the depression pit as time goes on without intervention.
I love the way how some countries are supporting people who have special condition. It is really bad if you are on your own. Being a parasite for the rest of our life. Every moment we feel an attack on our self-respect. No matter how close those people are, when you are living on others' money, that will show now and then.
Never heard of the term high functioning depression. My father suffered from depression for 10 years. I was in junior high back then and I know what exactly is depression and what people go through when they have depression, or how the family copes when someone in the family is suffering from depression.