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Have people gotten rude since COVID-19?

I don't know if it is just me but I feel like the general population has become rude since this mess started. I have had several occasions where people treat me like I have the plague. I understand they are being cautious.. but really. That does not mean you have to throw away your manners. I was going into a restroom and there was another woman behind me so I held the door for her. She shoved her way by me and didn't even say thank you or acknowledge I was even there. So I've stopped doing it unless the person is right behind me. However, I am grateful and say thank you when people hold the door for me even if there is a virus going around. Manners are still important.

Also I don't like the fact that the whole world seems to stop if you cough or sneeze in public, despite not being sick/having a mask on and social distancing.
I have noticed this too. Costs absolutely nothing to be polite, It is actually a huge pet peeve of mine when people don't have manners.
People have gotten crazy since Covid. i mean why stop caring about others. You're gonna need someone to care about you one day.
if this isn't a sore subject to me, if they would just follow GUIDELINES we wouldn't be where we are , especially in Florida which is a hotspot, what happened to people caring about one another, there is so much anger out there, people think they are above it when it doesn't matter what age you are. Then when they do get it, they wish they had listened. it is beyond rude now, people are hurting one another
People are way over the edge and when things to be settling down a new variant is thrown out. And it starts up again more and more fear mongering.
I think manners have been gradually declining over the last decade or so, and this pandemic has certainly not helped, if not completely push them over the edge a bit.

I think they haven't been able to unwind like they usually do during annual leave. Normally people would go abroad, or at least take a break somewhere else besides their home / work town and it was something they could look forward to throughout the year. however the pandemic had drastically reduced their options so they don't get the break they really wanted. And each time things seem to be getting a little better, as jaminhealth mentioned, another spanner gets thrown into the mix and we're back to square one.

It's no one's fault, and doesn't excuse their rudeness, but might add some form of explanation.
I also believe that the generation of instant gratification, need of urgency, immediency is all from the rapid technology explosions. People are never relaxing, always on call. My thinkiing.
I'm not entirely sure it is solely down to violent video games, if they indeed do play a part at all. I feel people say that to detract from the other issues and causes.

Unfortunately, violence has been a part of human history for thousands of years and before video games, there were violent movies, one country having more of a particular resource, the right public address, the 'wrong' religion. I think it is more likely that violent people tend to gravitate toward violent games / violent movies as a tool for themselves, like a gun or verbal manipulation.

The rudeness is more of a result from societal shifts, economy changes, increasing terrorist attacks, etc. People are getting ground down from all sides and their goodwill shatters completely when they don't have an outlet to release all this negativity, like not being able to go on holiday in a beautiful country because of the pandemic.

I do agree with the 'generation of instant gratification' bit though. I think that's also more a result of the societal / economy shifts, as well as access to ever-increasing technology, like you say. It's like they're having to pick up numerous jobs just to be able to pay for the basics, can't buy their own place because of skyrocketing costs and bills, etc. It's almost like they have to be born personally wealthy to stand a chance.
I have noticed for a while now that there is not a lot of respect for one another and especially no respect for those in authority or leaders. Children mimic their parents and when they see them ripping apart the president, a manager, or a policeman and don't take responsibility for their own actions, then the kids will do the same thing. Then you have the problem with no consequences and of course people will have the courage to push things even further, whether it's by language or action.

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