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Post funny stories about your pets here - past pets or current pets

One funny pet story is the following (and yes this is 100% true), my first cat Beauty one day brought a mouse home with her, really proud of herself cause she was a run away from everything first and figure it out later type, she puts it down near my brother's (parked) car to show her meowmy (me) and my brother what she got, mouse feels her letting go of it, jumps up and runs, Beauty was like "HOLY CRAP ON A POGO STICK IT MOVED!!!!!! HELLP!!!!!!!!" she dives under brother's car to escape from the terrifying cat-eating-mouse, stays under there while the mouse runs off back to the fields, she then peeps out to make sure it's gone, then when she's convinced she runs out from her hiding place and dashes back to the house to get back inside and find a safer hiding place just in case the mouse decides to come back and look for her to eat her :LOL:


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That's hilarious!

My daughter's guinea pig likes to throw temper tantrums! If she doesn't get what she wants (and we don't really know what that is), she'll throw her things around her cage and dump over her food bowl. It's funny to watch such a little thing act so ferocious.
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