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Do You Take Any Medication?

I take two medications for sleep, three for my heart, and three for depression and anxiety, which two of those are supplements.
marti post_id=373 time=1596747566 user_id=51 said:
im on 7 different meds plus depo shot every three months and insulin

Bah I was on the depo but it made me gain a lot of weight. I got an IUD instead.
marti post_id=815 time=1596853873 user_id=51 said:
Nilla post_id=608 time=1596820871 user_id=50 said:
Lucky :P lol

thanks did you have to have a bone density test when you were on it? mine come back normal

No.. they never did that. I was just warned to take calcium supplements because it can thin your bones. Anyway I didn't want any of that so I switched. I am glad it works so well for you :)
I take

Patandine nose
eye drops eyes
saline nose
nexium acid reflux
lisinipril blood pressure
welbutrin depression
viibryd depression
atavan anxiety

synoid thryroid

baby baer eyes

nasal spray nose
serquel Sleep, depression, antipsychotic
lamactol mood
lithium bipolar
latuda mood
atavan anxiety
1 long acting 24 hour insulin shot, 1 fast acting insulin shot with meals, 2 pills for diabetes, 1 blood pressure pill, 1 cholesterol pill and a partridge in a 🍐🌳 ;)
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I generally take Ibuprofen most of the time, with the occasional alternating with Tylenol. I developed Anklyosing Splondylitis when I was 12 or 13 years old, and that has become a staple of my daily life to help control the joint pain that happens a couple weeks every month. I have also started taking weight pills to help with increasing my metabolism, as I gained weight due to one of the things I took to help bulk up my back to help support the bone structure. Hoping it helps in the long run, with pain and other issues. :)
3 antidepressants
1 mood stablizer
1 antipsychiatic, sleep and depression
eye drops
and nose sprays
The only medication which I know I do take sometimes is; ibuprofen, Motrin IB, just to relieve the stress and reduce the severity of headache to feel better.

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