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Anyone has PTSD?

Yes. I have flashbacks of my past, especially how I grew up. My siblings and I grew up in a very toxic household, my mother being the main problem. Her preference though was emotionally making me her punching bag.
Omgosh, this is the one word in my volcabulary, i can always tell when it happens bc my eyes go back and forth fast, i have the flashbacks, but i try to concentrate on my hobbies or in my forums, They make me sick to my stomach, i was told it is bc i am also stressed out. I know we are all struggling with it and it stinks and right now doesn't help. PTSD is such a hard thing to deal with.
No, I don't have any PTSD. However, my spouse has. She developed this disorder when we lost our first child. Well, it might not be appropriate to call it a child as it was just 6 weeks pregnancy, yet my spouse can not seem to forget that she had a miscarriage. Her condition improved after we actually had a child.