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About Desiccated Thyroid Support

This is the type of support that got me out of 10 yrs of clinical depression...not situational depression, but something was MISSING in my body and it was thyroid food.

Unlike synthetic levothyroxine – the thyroid hormone T4, which the body normally converts to an active and more potent form called T3 – desiccated thyroid extracts contain T4 plus T3 as well as small amounts of thyroid co-factors T1, T2, calcitonin and iodine.

At the time, my D.O. got me on Armour which has the above ingredients in it. I have since gone to NP which has the same too and also take a drop of Iosol iodine most days, our bodies NEED iodone and many are deficient.

Best if one can get to a doc who prescribes desiccated medicine for thyroid.

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