1. W

    Trigger - Self Harm My pain

    Most of you know that today I sent a message to the girl I have been speaking to for a long time. And told her I love her. I got a message back where she kind of went off at me. I am crying now and I blocked her on discord and removed her as a friend on steam. I worry for myself and am scared...
  2. A


    Hi all so much for deleting myself....I'm so fed up of feeling so down and rubbish I'm keeping a positive attitude for the kids and just keeping going but now I feel horrible inside I have a horrible feeling I've made the wrong descion about my relationship..... But we weren't getting on I have...
  3. S

    Depression struggle

    Really struggling with depression does anyone relate?
  4. Eagleheart

    Sick of it all

    I'm so sick of my life. Every day I deny myself food. I don't eat the food I want to eat. Every day I deny myself all of the cigarettes I want to smoke. Every day I deny myself the alcohol I want to drink. My whole life is run by denying myself of the enjoyable things. And I am sick to death of...
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