1. willowtigger


    i'm worried about a forum jails being a real place and i get taken there :(
  2. Ashelm

    Hi everyone

    Hii, I'm Ash I'm looking to make friends... I hope I make some soon.. Never be afraid to message me, I'm always happy to talk!
  3. Catsmother

    Coping With Depression

    Anyone with depression should give this article a read. Really is helpful. :)
  4. safeinsanity

    Depression Sucks!

    I've been kind of depressed theses last few weeks. It really sucks the life right out of you! Doesn't help when your so called friends and family members keep treating you like crap either. It seems people always have to be so confrontational and selfish.
  5. Catsmother

    Have You Ever Had Depression?

    I have and it felt like I was in a deep black hole.
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