1. Eagleheart


    I suffer from emetophobia and it has a huge impact on my life. It's so bad that I can't even say the words associated with it. If I see someone being sick on TV I start to feel very unwell and I have to leave the room. I get into a state of absolute panic if I hear that someone I know has a...
  2. loneliness

    Autism High-functioning autism

    I suspect I have this, but I have never had the courage to ask a doctor about it. I just feel like it is a strong possibility. I like repetition and repetitive habits, really dislike change, I have some really bad social difficulties and I am very sensitive. I find I can fixate on something and...
  3. Butterfly88

    Prolixin (Fluphenazine)

    Anybody take this? My doctor gave it to me to take as needed for agitation and paranoia. It seems like half the time it helps and half the time it doesn't, it's really weird.
  4. Uncertainty

    Anxiety bpd and pip

    Suffered years of anxiety. This week I spoke with my doctor she says I have "some undiagnosed bpd traits " My pip medical renewal is next week im anxious through the roof already. Will I need mention what doctor told me ?
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