1. Ozzy47

    Can Schizophrenia Be Cured?

    Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that affects thoughts, emotions, and behaviors leading to decreased functionality and withdrawal from reality. People affected by schizophrenia usually experience symptoms between ages 16 and 30. People with schizophrenia have symptoms that are very...
  2. Ozzy47

    6 Easy-To-Follow Tips to Boost Mental Health

    Waking up early, meditating, exercising and replenishing one's platter with an assortment of healthy tidbits can do wonders for a person's physical health. However, in this fast-paced, technology-driven age, it is not enough to just take care of one's physical health to achieve overall...
  3. Ozzy47

    Sharing Problems, Seeking Guidance Make It Easier to Deal With Dual Diagnosis

    Dual diagnosis is one of the most complex brain disorders. Usually a combination of psychiatric illness and substance use disorder (SUD), it is comparatively severer and more complex than either of the two disorders as it involves the interplay between two equally complex conditions. Dual...
  4. Ozzy47

    ADHD in Adults - Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

    We've all learned about ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Perhaps you remember it back when it was termed as ADD - a label that had been presented to kids who found it challenging to adhere to the rules or be aware in class. Even though the condition is far more common in...
  5. Catsmother

    Types Of Eating Disorders

    This article is very useful and explains what you need to know about eating disorders. https://www.healthyplace.com/eating-disorders/eating-disorders-overview/types-of-eating-disorders-list-of-eating-disorders
  6. oak

    Eating Disorders

    12 Types of Eating Disorders [Updated List] | Breathe Life Healing Centers
  7. Catsmother

    What Is Anxiety?

    What is an anxiety disorder? Do I have an anxiety disorder? What is an anxiety attack? Types of anxiety disorders and their symptomsTreatment for anxiety disordersMedication for anxiety disorders
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