1. S

    Aspergers Diagnostic for adults

    All my life I've always struggled to fit in, always felt different, like everything that is so simple to everyone else was always a massive struggle for me, which seemed so unfair. When I was 20 in 2008, someone mentioned Asperger's Syndrome to me because of how I had responded to a situation. I...
  2. safeinsanity

    Depression Sucks!

    I've been kind of depressed theses last few weeks. It really sucks the life right out of you! Doesn't help when your so called friends and family members keep treating you like crap either. It seems people always have to be so confrontational and selfish.
  3. Naiwen

    Gaming Therapy, anyone does it personally?

    I’m always playing “Solitaire Klondike” on my phone at night and listening to music on YouTube Premium when I can’t sleep at all myself.
  4. Naiwen

    Music Therapy, anyone does it personally?

    Music therapy 24/7 works for me personally. Currently listening to “Tick Tock” on Deezer premium.
  5. Naiwen

    A new T!

    Because my old T is always talking about marriage and kids, sex and romance, I e asked my GP to refer me to a new one. Asking me very personal questions about my love life, which puts me ill at ease with her,
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