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Your first panic attack?

You'll certainly know if you've had one.. What was your first encounter with panic to that scale?

For me, I woke up after a nightmare that felt incredibly real and frightening. I shot up almost bolt upright from being asleep like they do in the movies.. I could hardly breathe, and I couldn't control my thought processing - my mind was literally racing trying to decipher fact from fiction.

This happened about five years before I was clinically diagnosed in 2017 with depression, but I could say with little doubt that it was a trigger for it all. Especially since it's been a largely reoccurring dream since, and even now it occasionally plants a seed of doubt in my mind.
I I start feeling like I'm going to start wigging out. I take an aspirin and an anxiety pill and pray to God to give me peace and ease my mind. It works for me.
I can't remember my first one, but I've been getting them on and off since I was a teenager.

If they are bad I start hyperventilating.

I don't get them too often now but if I do, at least I know what is happening.
I remember I had it in my home. My siblings are kind of toxic and they were harassing me when the family had the medical crisis and they were expecting me to pay everything while I barely had anything to pay for. And at that time I had this panic attack. I suffered a lot during this time as no one was taking my side.
I have never experienced a panic attack, however, I came so close to this condition when my spouse suddenly experienced a panic attack when we were traveling on a bus. The first thought that came to my mind was "she was having a heart attack."
I remember my first major panic attack was in a room full of people. I started feeling like the walls were closing in and there was no way out. I ended up having to get up and leave before the talk was over.
I had probably 3 panic attacks in my lifetime and they were all after my cycling accident. It was as if I was reliving it over and over and feeling the impact. I finally figured out that I could stop it all mid-stream and the reason I knew that, was because I had done it already before. That eased my mind and I haven't had any since.

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