Working Out to Improve Mental Health


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When we think of working out, all we can imagine are men and women sweating it out for that perfect body. An hour of aerobics three times a week or playing a sport can have immense benefits to your overall heath by improving immunity, fitness, and fighting against blood pressure, diabetes, etc. It's no secret that exercising ensures physical well-being of the body but did you know regular and frequent exercising also improves mental health? Studies have proved that exercising a few hours a week can improve mental health, here's how-

Exercise releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemicals manufactured in your body that are released in response to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. They are happy chemicals that trigger a positive feeling in your body. Endorphins are responsible for your good mood right after a workout. These chemicals help reduce stress and relieve anxiety and help you relax.

Depression is a part of our hectic week. Doctors advise a good exercising routine to treat clinically relieve depression from the patients.

Exercise ensures a good night's sleep! Yes, it has been proven that people who worked out have experienced improved sleep routine. It helps build healthy sleep patterns, so you wake up feeling refreshed throughout the day. Exercise helps fight against insomnia, so throw aside that sleeping pill and hit the gym.

Exercise improves focus, concentration and memory. The increased oxygen flow to the brain helps the brain concentrate more. It enhances your brain health by preventing cognitive decline, and recovering memory function. Regular physical exercise improves blood flow and makes your heart function better.

Exercise can help in anger management. Regular exercising can release all the pent up frustration. It is a great way of letting go all the stress that has been building up in your life. It has also been known to improve your social life, by making you more confident and improving your self-esteem.

Exercise is the key to staying healthy and positive throughout the day. It reduces laziness keeping you much more active and efficient.

Exercise does not have to be you working out alone. Take up a sport you're interested in, or go for a jog with your friend or hit the gym! Whatever you do, make sure to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Take out an hour every day or at least three times a week for a good workout and see the improvement in your life!

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The best treatment I know is walking. We use to walk around 2-3 kilometres per day. Not because we are forced to, but it is fun when around 5-6 people move as a group and relax a lot. Both body and the mind feel so fresh that once we finish it is really a good feeling inside our mind.


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I can definitely attest to this article. Whenever I don't prioritize exercise daily I can tell that I feel off. I am more irritable, less patient, and unfocused when I don't at least take a 30 minute walk.
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