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1 jelly roll cake - strawberry or raspberry filled (Lady Fingers can be substituted)

1 lg. pkg. strawberry or raspberry jello (mix as directed)

1 lg. pkg. strawberries or raspberries (drain off liquid, liquid can be used in

jello mixture)

2 sm. pkgs. vanilla pudding mix plus 3 tbsp. cornstarch - DO NOT USE INSTANT MIX

1 pt. heavy whipped cream plus 2 tablespoons Castor sugar

Add vanilla pudding mix and cornstarch to powder mixture prior to adding milk and cooking, this makes it thicker -cook as directed on package. Beat whipped

cream and Caster sugar together until thick and spreadable.

In large round crystal bowl, place cut jelly roll (strawberry or raspberry filled), lining the bottom and sides (up about 3 inches), mix jello as directed

on package and spoon part of the cooled jello, over cake to moisten (so that it will stick to bottom and sides), layer #1. (Set aside the rest of the jello

until it is slightly thickened). Layer #2 - Spoon fresh strawberries or raspberries on top of layer #1 and cover with remaining jello (now slightly thickened);

let cool. Prepare vanilla pudding mix and let cool thoroughly. Pour over jello/fruit layer and place in refrigerator. Just prior to serving, cover with

whipping cream and decorate as desired. Keep in refrigerator until time to serve. CAUTION: Cooling in between layers gives a more decorative effect. Bring

decorated trifle to table and serve into individual glass bowls.

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