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The Wind Carries A Single Leaf

Greetings! In my search for active online communities in an era where most of the net inhabitants are contained within the greater social media metropolitan areas, I have arrived here at Talk Mental Health. A desire of mine for some time. A mental health community for those who cannot afford to see a quality specialist due to financial limitations for which the world casually turns a blind eye on. Unfortunately, this seems to only be the closest thing to such a dream, as your staff are not credited mental health professionals. Such aspirations almost inspired me to pursue a potential career in becoming a therapist as my motivations would not have been inspired by the pursuit of money. Alas the realities of the world and the capitalistic system for which pushes those like me as outcasts unworthy of such love and respect.

My current professional support network is now limited. With my employment I now have the benefit of 10 free sessions with a licensed professional on TalkSpace, through my employee assistance program. This gives me great anxiety as I feel pressured to not utilize them until absolutely necessary and how can someone possibly predict that? I have been receiving free therapy from a health and wellness center in Riverside, California. Recently I learned that they too are now introducing a similar 10 free session policy which now forces me to be more conservative with my sessions granting a grand total of 20. To make matters worse I've had my therapist inform me that if there is nothing I ever really needed to process and discuss that is a strong indicator that I'm mentally stable. This saddens me as I feel therapy is something every human being walking on the face of this planet needs, as well as, my questioning as to just what mentally stable entails. Am I mentally stable because I am now functioning within a society for which created such mental anguish? A society that rejects any sort of societal changes as if it were merely allergic in the sense a person can be allergic to specific food.

There is always a constant struggle of depression which may reappear and dissipate throughout various times. There is anxiety which can causes me great distress. The only thing that I have ever had a formal diagnosis of is gender dysphoria. The effects of which may have been transferring to regular stages of body dysmorphia that any girl may have experienced throughout her lifetime due to society's expectations of women. To which only now I'm slowly overcoming my dysphoria through personal reflection and realizations about the realities of society to where any such dysphoric feelings may stem from the unchangeable aspects of my biology. Despite such limitations not being exclusive to me and existing in those who are cisgendered.

I apologize for writing a lot and blabbing on so I will now take my silence.
Welcome Leaf! Yeah, unfortunately none of our staff are mental health professionals. This is really a peer support group.

Do you have health insurance? Many insurance companies will pay for therapy. Some insurances have limited providers that will take the insurance. Even if there is nobody in your area, now that tele-health has become more of a thing you may be able to have sessions online or over the phone with somebody even if they are further away, as long as they are licensed in your state.

I too struggle with depression and anxiety. I know it can be hard sometimes. I’m cisgender though I am also a member of the LGBT community (lesbian). I know it can be hard to be a minority. It seems to be negatively impacting my mental health lately. But anyway, I hope you will find support and community here.
Welcome to the forum @Leaf

Picking up on one point from your post, I'm sure you are not an outcast and you definitely deserve love and respect.

You can always post on here if you are feeling down, the members are kind, supportive and not judgmental.