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Shopping helps in depression

Recently while doing a google search, I landed on a website called Clevland Clinic. There I read a report on a 2014 study carried out by the Journal of Consumer Psychology. According to the study, shopping not only make people happy immediately but also help to overcome lingering sadness. Shopping is a mechanism to cope with symptoms of depression.
I feel better when I get rid of things that I've collected all my life. Not buying more stuff.

There are ways to attack depression and that is not shopping, look into thyroid and I've posted so much on
thyroid and depression around here..
It very well may help depression temporarily but I don't think it's a great way to cope. Most of the stuff bought when depressed probably won't be used so it's a waste of money. Also I'd worry it could lead to a shopping addiction.
Shopping helps me too, and I have a bad habit of spending money on foolish things. How ever I have been really controlled lately.
I think it might help in the short term, but it is a mask for the problem rather than a fix. It can create it's own issues too.
It can create it's own issues too.
I agree, I hate being broke because I spent money on wasteful things. Mostly because I hardly have any money to begin with, I live on a fixed income. And like I say, I have been really controlled lately.

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