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Piling On


...one thing after another. One failure, another, another, me constantly failing, screwing up. Then everything around me screwing up. My computer won't stop freezing after a driver update that I've since rolled back. I can't work on my only means of productivity. Hopeless. Going to need to find time to reinstall Windows again. Ugh. Another thing to fail.

I just want things to go properly.
I hate it when my brain does this to me.

You are not responsible for this. Technology has failed you, not the other way round. You are not a failure. You are valued and loved and deserve nothing but respect and kindness.

Hope you are feeling better this morning.
Technology can be your worst enemy when it acts up and makes your day a real pain. I use a complete backup solution to ensure that if things fall to pieces, I know I can recover in less than 30 minutes and carry on regardless. It's not always a priority to do backups, I've failed many times and regretted it. However, it is a prudent move to ensure a minimum of disruption, anxiety and generally feeling dragged down.

I have more crap days than good days as I get older, silly things that never mattered before can become incredibly annoying and make you feel that the whole world is against you. So, I've taken to adopting the "I don't give a shit" way of thinking and brushing things off that would otherwise annoy the hell out of me, and it works - after a fashion, lol. I still have moments when I want to break something, but those moments are diminishing.

I hope that you feel better sooner rather than later and that you can stick two fingers up at technology when you make your first backup and say "go on then, try and screw me over" you can then smile and wipe the sanctimonious smirk off your computer and then get on with your day, lol. Have a look here, their software is very good:


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