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Login verification question

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Is it possible for it to use letters instead of numbers?

Reason is I'm number dyslexic and every time I verify it's me logging in and not anyone else (using the numbers i get emailed to me) its hard for me to get the numbers in the right order, they keep mixing themselfs up :(
Screenshot of what your seeing please.
OK next time it does it Ozzy if i can work out how to do a screen shot without breaking the computer i'll get one

Every 28 days i think it is, it decides to insist on sending me a code and says i have to enter the code in order to log in (its the two factor authentification thing at work and i would rather not switch it off cause i dont want to get hacked by a spams and they post stuff like porn or stuff resulting in me getting banned)
Closed as old support thread now. Will look in to more accessible 2FA methods in the future.
Not open for further replies.