1. Ozzy47

    Return The Favor: Here's How To Help Your Loved One With PTSD

    "You know that I am here to stay forever." This is something that everyone loves to hear from their near and dear ones. Although, people's wants and needs may differ, but one thing always stays constant and that is you always wish to feel important to that person. Well, I am not saying about...
  2. Ozzy47

    Practicing Patience Is An Important Technique For People With Borderline Personality Disorder

    How many times have you been standing on line in the grocery store waiting for the cashier to just hurry up with the person in front of you already! Why is she going so slowly? Doesn't she know you are already late? Well, of course not. How could she know? So you stand there, doing a slow burn...
  3. Ozzy47

    Understanding Depression and the Subconscious Mind

    On 15 May 2018, "6 Minutes Medicine" a medical forum publication on the Internet published an article titled "8 Facts on the dark side of doctoring- Dealing with the elephant in the room" It was a plea by a specialist Head and Neck Surgeon at the Combined Annual Scientific Congress of the Royal...
  4. Eagleheart

    Sick of it all

    I'm so sick of my life. Every day I deny myself food. I don't eat the food I want to eat. Every day I deny myself all of the cigarettes I want to smoke. Every day I deny myself the alcohol I want to drink. My whole life is run by denying myself of the enjoyable things. And I am sick to death of...
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