1. L

    Zoloft side effects

    I've been taking Zoloft (generic sertraline) (for anxiety) for over a dozen years with no issues at all, but I stayed at a low dose. Sixteen months ago I had kidney failure from a new med for migraines, better now, but it really disrupted my system. Zoloft began causing daily diarrhea, more...
  2. Naiwen

    Taking sleeping Pills!

    I've scheduled an appointment by phone with my GP today to have some sleeping pills prescribed to me. It's been 6 months since I've been sleeping badly currently in life having dissociation and stress and anxiety attacks at night. I hope with them, I can sleep well at last.
  3. lavalamp


    Is anyone on or has taken Mitrazipine? I'm on a low dose at the moment (15mg) but my GP wants me to up my dose to 30mg. I don't even like being on the low dose, but I am still considering increasing it as advised. Thanks!
  4. diane15

    Your Goal for the day

    I know we all want to have a goal for the day, some of us want 2,3 goals, why not just make it 1 goal for the day if you can. Today i made my goal, riding my bike it doesn't have to be a big goal, maybe taking a nap, doing some art, taking a bath or shower, something to help you out for the...
  5. Eagleheart

    New med

    I've been started on a new med for my anxiety. It's called promethazine and it's meant to help me to sleep better but since starting it, I've gone from sleeping 7 hours per night to only getting 4 hours of very disturbed sleep each night. I'm getting more and more tired but I just can't sleep...
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