1. K


    Hi all After a week in crisis house and a week with the crisis I’m still feel awfully low and emotional and alone and still in that dark place I’ve had a medication added but still waiting for it to kick in I’m really struggling to get though the day
  2. Catsmother

    Fluoxetine - Has Anyone Been On Them?

    I was prescribed them awhile back and they made me very sleepy.
  3. Lee

    Me and my heart

    This could kind of be a long story but I'll keep it pretty brief. I have chest pain. I have had worsening chest pain since March time. I have been to the hospital easily 30 times for investigation but every time it is ruled none cardiac. I am so dizzy I feel like I will lose consciousness at...
  4. Naiwen

    Is Anyone Bipolar?

    [No message]
  5. Eagleheart


    Today's been crap. I was anxious from the moment I woke up but by far the worst thing has been the anger I've felt. I've been very short tempered and snappy and my poor husband has made me feel furious so many times. He's really irritating me. I really think I could actually punch him. It's...
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