1. Ozzy47

    Where Did the Shy Girl Go? Overcoming Social Anxiety

    By Virginia Adams What purpose do synchronicities serve? Synchronicities are a clear sense that the universe is speaking to us. The more we step into our KNOWINGNESS the more we will notice synchronicities. We are in constant contact with the intelligence of the universe, we are co-creating...
  2. Eagleheart

    So stressed

    My husband is ill and it's made me feel very anxious. He was due to have his gall bladder removed earlier this year but the virus put an end to that. Tonight he's having severe pain. It's triggered my anxiety so badly. That's all really. I just needed to get it off my chest.
  3. Eagleheart


    Today's been crap. I was anxious from the moment I woke up but by far the worst thing has been the anger I've felt. I've been very short tempered and snappy and my poor husband has made me feel furious so many times. He's really irritating me. I really think I could actually punch him. It's...
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