1. willowtigger

    Can police really confine you to a hospital for mental health treatment?

    I saw someone said this in a youtube video if you suffer from mental health problems and tell a cop that you suffer from any of the mental health problems, they (the cops) use it to get that person locked up in a hospital? he is anti-cop so i dont know if he's just saying it or if genuinely...
  2. Catsmother

    My Brother Has Schizophrenia

    I don't really talk much about my past or my family, but I wanted to tell you about my brother who is a Schizophrenic. He was diagnosed at the age of 18 and is now 54, I remember before he was diagnosed he was perfectly fine, He would go the Gym, Jogging and swimming then one day I remember my...
  3. Catsmother

    Have You Ever Had a Panic Attack?

    Yes I have. I usually get them when I am in crowds of people so I tend to avoid busy places.
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