1. Ozzy47

    Panic Disorder - What Is It And What Are the Solutions?

    What is panic disorder? Men and women with panic attack disorder have unexpected and also repetitive strikes of anxiety that last for a number of mins. Occasionally signs may continue longer.These are termed panic attacks. Panic attacks are identified by a worry of disaster or of completely...
  2. Lee

    5 things NOT to say to somebody having a panic attack.

    Original source: 5 things NOT to say to somebody having a panic attack Panic attacks are defined by a combination of mental, physical and emotional symptoms or feelings. Typically, these attacks start with a sense of impending doom, dread or fear. Feelings of terror often increase in...
  3. Eagleheart

    So stressed

    My husband is ill and it's made me feel very anxious. He was due to have his gall bladder removed earlier this year but the virus put an end to that. Tonight he's having severe pain. It's triggered my anxiety so badly. That's all really. I just needed to get it off my chest.
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