1. Ozzy47

    Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Easy Steps

    While panic and anxiety strikes have similar symptoms that there are gaps which you should know about. For example, an anxiety attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and stress that always does occur without the obvious rationale and without caution. The majority of times these strikes...
  2. Ozzy47

    Panic Disorder - What Is It And What Are the Solutions?

    What is panic disorder? Men and women with panic attack disorder have unexpected and also repetitive strikes of anxiety that last for a number of mins. Occasionally signs may continue longer.These are termed panic attacks. Panic attacks are identified by a worry of disaster or of completely...
  3. Lee

    5 things NOT to say to somebody having a panic attack.

    Original source: 5 things NOT to say to somebody having a panic attack Panic attacks are defined by a combination of mental, physical and emotional symptoms or feelings. Typically, these attacks start with a sense of impending doom, dread or fear. Feelings of terror often increase in...
  4. Catsmother

    Have You Ever Had a Panic Attack?

    Yes I have. I usually get them when I am in crowds of people so I tend to avoid busy places.
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