Why is there such a stigma still about mental health?


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I dont understand

Surely it should be given the same compassion as if someone got a cancers or broke leg or heart failure or whatever?

"your wasting our time, get up and walk on your broke leg"

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Because it is not well understood and the criteria of it keeps changing. This makes it difficult to get the layman to understand it and/or empathize with it.

Physical injuries and maladies such as cancer or a broken leg, are well understood. Everyone understands a broken leg.

Stigmas get attached to things we don't understand because it is uncomfortable to not understand. It's human nature. It's something we have to learn to overcome.


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I see a lot of compassion more than ever. But I also see people making excuses as if their mental health excuses how they treat others. My husband has a relative who went off on me on Facebook a few years ago which she had never done before. She then proceeded to tell me I couldn't ask her why she was treating me that way because she has anxiety as if that was an excuse to call me all sorts of names.

It's okay for people to set boundaries when it comes to dealing with friends and relatives who have mental issues. That's not a stigma when boundaries are done appropriately.
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