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Sombrero Cocktail

Sombrero Cocktail
2 ounces Kahlua Coffee Liqueur (or coffee brandy)
2 ounces cream (or milk)
Steps to Make It
Pour the Kahlua or coffee brandy into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass.
Fill with cream or milk.
Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Variations
As with all drinks, there are a few substitutions that can be made. If you
would like to make your Sombrero a little thicker, choose cream over the
If you prefer, use a coffee brandy like that from Maine producer, Allen's.
Kahlua may be the best-known coffee liqueur on the liquor shelf, but it is
not the only one. In fact, the Kahlua brand itself makes some very
interesting variations on the original, like Kahlua Especial, which is a
richer coffee flavor (dark espresso) that is 35% ABV (70 proof).
Kahlua Midnight, which is similar to the original Kahlua, is a 'Black Coffee
Liqueur' that is also 70-proof.
Kahlua also produces a few flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and
salted caramel. These can come and go from the market as the brand continues
to experiment with new variations.
You will find other fantastic coffee liqueurs as well and many drinkers will
argue that they are superior to Kahlua. Coffee has become a popular new
option for small, craft distilleries and these really are some of the best
coffee liqueurs you can find right now.
Firelit Coffee Liqueur: A cold-brew coffee liqueur, Firelit will have you
rethinking what coffee liqueur can (and should be). It is one of the best on
the market.
Leopold Bros. French Press-Style American Coffee Liqueur: If you love French
press coffee, this is the liqueur for you because it begins in a 25-liter
press similar to the one in your kitchen.
St. George Spirits' NOLA Coffee Liqueur: Sipping coffee in New Orleans is a
different experience and it is captured to perfection in this bottle.
New Deal Coffee Liqueur: Working with a coffee house near their Portland,
Oregon distillery, New Deal continues to impress with a perfect coffee
How Strong Is the Sombrero?
Kahlua varies in proof depending on the country it is sold in. In the United
States, it is 20 percent ABV (40 proof).

If we were to pour 3-ounces of milk, that would make the average Sombrero a
casual 6 percent ABV (12 proof). This drink ranks among the best low-proof
cocktails you will find.

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