Sesame Crusted Tuna Fish Fingers


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Sesame Crusted Tuna Fish Fingers


Per person

300g tuna, cut into fish finger size widths (about an inch

wide and 3 inches long)

1 egg

100g flour (plain flour or rice flour or similar if you are

gluten free)

100g sesame seeds

Sea salt and black pepper

Light oil for frying like groundnut or rapeseed - enough to

fill the pan you are going to fry in to an inch deep

Miso mayo

2 tbsp. mayo & 1 tbsp. miso of your choice

Korean chili mayo

2 tbsp. mayo

2 tbsp. gojuchang (Korean pepper paste)

A squeeze of fresh lime juice

Optional garnish

Fresh coriander leaves and edible flowers (I used wild

garlic flowers)


Season the flour with sea salt and black pepper. Put the

flour, beaten egg and sesame seeds in three different plates. Dust each piece

of tuna with flour, then dip it in the egg ensuring it is completely covered,

let the excess drip off and then coat in the sesame seeds, pressing them in as you

do. Heat your oil until a piece of bread will sizzle in it when you add it, or

until it is 180 deg C if you have a thermometer. Fry the tuna fingers, in

batches if you are making a lot, ensuring that you raise the temperature of the

oil between batches too as the tuna will cool it down. When golden, turn the

tuna over gently with a tongs or a fork. When removing them, allow the excess

oil to drop off before putting them on several layers of kitchen paper for a

couple of minutes to drain any excess that might have remained. Eat immediately

with the mayo of your choice.

Source: Eat Like a Girl

(From Good Cooking Recipes (Dawn))
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