Mental Illness Derived From Rejection, Panic, and Fear


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The dark hole into which one sinks when faced with adverse negativity is destructive and often causes mental illnesses ranging from depression, anti-social disorder, and thoughts of suicide. It can go much further in that it may threaten the lives of others or blossom into a need to be the center of attention no matter how that is achieved. It is often triggered by lack of confidence, knowledge, and even religious threats.

During an interview with a mass killer on Australian television recently the tendency to laugh at his crime was more than shocking to viewers, especially when he was shown the bodies of all 35 of his victims. Some shot in the head, others dying where they were eating in a restaurant that he invaded, while still others were caught in the car park while fleeing for their lives. A mother who pleaded for the lives of her two small daughters saw them blasted before she was also slain.

The psychiatric assessment of him soon after found he was not insane but on the border of sub-normal. He was fully aware that he is 'slow' and not able to be well-educated. That is a common thing among many who find they can't cope with life and its expectations. That induces hiding and escapism. They become 'loners' and are often described as 'hermits' or 'eccentric'.

The same, however, is often witnessed in highly educated people who have everything. They are successful, have accumulated wealth, and they may even have a large family. Yet they become insecure, withdrawn, and severely depressed. Sometimes this goes further and they become suicidal or kill family members.

The panic and fear behind these deeds and ultimately their condition is hard to pinpoint but the lack of Spirit within is obvious. They have been separated from that little voice within that leads and guides them through negative events and they take on the demeanour of a victim. They may see their lives as full of abuse and target others as their enemies.

In the case of the mass murderer above he wanted to buy a couple's farm and that triggered his reaction to their refusal. He claimed that others were hurting him and by even the slightest sense of rejection or threat to his ego the rage inside was a trigger to kill as many as possible. He saw the everyone as his enemy and he really felt he had no place in it.

Those with a strong spiritual link within more easily recover from fear while panic is rarely felt. They manage situations with confidence and are not afraid to get to the bottom of a problem. Those unable to achieve such can get the help they need if they reach out. Once they become withdrawn or have a sense of victimisation that is less likely to happen.

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To be honest that mass murderer sounds evil, he should be locked up and the key thrown away.

He gives those of us with mental illnesses who would never hurt anyone else, a bad name.
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