1. Eagleheart

    My cat

    This will probably seem silly to you all but today, one of my cats has really triggered my BPD. He's an older cat that we are fostering for the rest of his life and he's a very frustrating boy. I give him so much love and affection and he just keeps rejecting me. He's totally unfriendly towards...
  2. lavalamp


    Is anyone on or has taken Mitrazipine? I'm on a low dose at the moment (15mg) but my GP wants me to up my dose to 30mg. I don't even like being on the low dose, but I am still considering increasing it as advised. Thanks!
  3. safeinsanity

    Anxiety Prayer

  4. safeinsanity

    Low Self Esteem

    Some may find this article helpful and informative. Low Self-Esteem: What Does it Mean to Lack Self-Esteem? - PsychAlive
  5. Naiwen

    A new T!

    Because my old T is always talking about marriage and kids, sex and romance, I e asked my GP to refer me to a new one. Asking me very personal questions about my love life, which puts me ill at ease with her,
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